01. My wife works as a legal secretary in a large law [firm] downtown.
02. The [firm] where my uncle works hands out generous bonuses to all its employees at Christmas time.
03. I like to sleep on a very [firm] mattress, so a futon is perfect for me.
04. Make sure you have a [firm] hold on the ladder because I'm going pretty high.
05. The teacher took the child [firmly] by the arm, and led him from the room.
06. Ernie has made a [firm] decision to leave his job by the end of the year.
07. The police believe that they have [firm] evidence that one of the witnesses is lying.
08. Scientist and writer Isaac Asimov once said, "Self-education is, I [firmly] believe, the only kind of education there is."
09. Jilly Cooper once said that the male is a domestic animal which, if treated with [firmness], can be trained to do most things.
10. There is an Indonesian proverb which states that the [firm] tree does not fear the storm.
11. I am asking for $1,500 [firm] for my old car.
12. The ability to [firmly] grip with your hand comes from the muscles in the forearm.
13. Sixty percent of the executives in large [firms] have said that a cover letter is as important or more important than the resumé itself when you're looking for a new job.
14. Severe energy shortages in Albania are forcing small [firms] out of business.
15. Telecommunication [firms] in Somalia currently offer the lowest international telephone call rates on the African continent.
16. Your teachers [firmly] believe that you can win this scholarship if you work hard enough.
17. He left his resumé at a number of different business [firms] around town and is hoping to get some kind of office job.
18. Even though the surface of our planet appears to be [firm] and stationary, there is convincing evidence that the materials that form the solid rock on the surface of the earth are moving.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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